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Cigar Topsites
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Welcome to Cigar Topsites

If you have a cigar related web site, please feel free to join. Find out how you rank among the other cigar related websites out there. Do you have a friend who has a cigar site too? Well challenge them to join and see who gets the most votes!

Rules for joining Cigar Topsites
Welcome to Cigar Topsites. Please take a minute or two and read the rules. They aren't that strict. We simply want to make sure that you have the BEST place on the net to have your site listed. It's very easy to JOIN. Just SIGN UP below, place the code on your site and Contact Us when it's in place and we will approved it right away. Now if you don't place our code on your site, then the whole process won't work. Be sure to tell all of your cigar buddies so they can click on your Cigar Topsites badge on your site to vote for your site's popularity. Get your competition to JOIN too and see who gets the most votes from their users! We look forward to your site listing and hope you enjoy. Please feel free to use the Contact Us link for any feedback you may have for us.
  1. CHEATING: Any kind of cheating is against the rules. That is fraudulently generating votes. This includes but is not limited to java script alerts, hit bots, directing traffic to Cigar Topsites from sources other than the site on which our return link is located. If we determine that you are cheating your site will be blacklisted and removed!
  2. TOPICAL: Your site must be related to Cigars in some way or form and an appropriate category chosen for the site.
  3. MISLEADING VISITORS: You may only link to us by using graphical links that make it clear to people where they will go when clicking on it. NO TEXT LINKS. You must use our supplied code.
  4. NAME & DESCRIPTION & BANNER: The name that you enter when joining and that appears on the list has to be the actual name of your site. For example putting "FREE Guides And Information" for the name of your site is not allowed. The description may only contain information that is related to Cigars and/or your site. Your site description must NOT BE IN ALL CAPS. You must provide a site banner for your site. A site with no banner is a site with no traffic!
  5. ILLEGAL CONTENT: We do not allow our members to have ANY illegal content or allude to any illegal content. No site with questionable material will be listed.
  6. MULTIPLE IMAGES: Under no circumstance will the supplied Cigar Topsite voting images appear on the same page twice. There is a maximum limit of one image per page.
  7. CODE TAMPERING: Under no circumstances will the code supplied to allow impression checking and statistic collection be tampered with or changed with out consent. Please contact the administrator if you wish to change your code.
  8. SPAMMING: Spamming of any kind is not permitted and is cause for the offending site to be REMOVED and BANNED.
  9. CODE PLACEMENT: You must place our code on your index or Home page in order to be approved. Once you have placed it on your index page, Contact Us and let us know you have placed the code. Once we see you have and your site complies with the rules, we will approved it and your site will be ready for votes.
  10. SITE REMOVAL: We reserve the right to REMOVE and/or BAN any site at any time without notice at our discretion.
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